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Dr. Leah Tinkham Morgan
Doctor of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine 

Dr. Morgan is a licensed Acupuncturist 

with a Doctorate in Chinese Medicine. She uses an evidence informed approach to create treatment plans individualized for the needs of her patients. Dr. Morgan specializes in Japanese acupuncture for fertility, pregnancy, pain and mental Health. 

Dr. Morgan is an exceptional acupuncturist. I have signed up with Dr. Morgan for multiple treatments. Immediately after each treatment I feel more energy and awake. The funny thing is that I really don't feel the full effect of the treatment until a day or two later. It's actually better than a full body massage to help me relax and the cost is less than most massage treatments. I've already scheduled my next appointment. Thanks Leah.



Great healthcare, I have fibromyalgia and after months of treatment with Dr. Morgan I am now not on any meds.

- S.D

Sweet relief! Dr. Morgan has been helping get my body body back to feeling my age and capable instead of like a broken down former athlete. She talks you through everything she's doing and how it'll help - calming any nerves (literally) you may have along the way. I'm absolutely adding appointments with Dr. Morgan to my self care! Thank you!


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